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Charter Phuket is set sail official , on the 18th of this month Xiamen direct

The caloric of movie thalline 囧 reflects and lets Thailand visits a product is getting more very hot.On the 18th of current month, plot already a long time of Xiamen sail directly chartered plane in Phuket, Thailand visit formal onward voyage.This is the spring Hui international travel agency in Xiamen to reclaim shot route in […]

Starring the evaluation in the face of barriers to entry Henan waiter

Hotel server the stipend height from now on, depend their acquisition get stars of how much come decide. The hotel industry star class attendant qualification condition, farmer enjoys trade in service specification, will on July 1 this year since the come into operation, from the operation of from day, Henan will also steer a judge […]

For thorough investigation of harvest festival of food safety area Dangshan pear greet

When the first batch china-Dang mountain crisp pear picks knot to come, in order to guarantee the large visitor’s Diet safety, construct safe and easy tour atmosphere, auto – from June 25, Dang mountain county many segments unite development tour the view ward provisions safety particularly item realignment, the point clicks to the cold drink […]

In the world of the historic building , it will be orderly behavior selective and travel free

On the pm of August 3, just returned from the Brazil of ascended a Wei the recorder Wang Fu’s pine told a reporter, the new world cultural heritage ascended a world in the historical buildings would pick a date a preface to have the select earth the development free of charge to visit an activity, […]

Overview of tourism in 2009 Tongling , the Spring Festival Golden Week

Though under the impact of financial tsunami, travel in the whole municipality the joint effort of system down, the copper Ling City Chinese New Year 2009 gold cycle visitor team blastophore quantity and reception the quantity don’t reduce anti – super -, with the New Year’s Day travel desolate condition in the market place formulating […]

Adjust the Jiqing some railway business Qingdao railway stop 4 EMU

New China net frequency channel in Shandong gives or gets an electric shock on March 9 the reporter realizes from depot in Qingdao, will run a camp to commit an adjustment to parts of trains recently, among them Qingdao to benefit south four rows of move a car bench will at certain time area concentration […]

And strive to enhance the reputation and visibility of tourism products and Sumi-gen Tourist Board

July 27 morning, Jiyuan City Tourism Bureau held a meeting of all the staff of agencies in a timely manner to convey the Tenth Third Party Plenum, raise the awareness of the urban-rural integration work and actual work to discuss scientific planning of the second half of next year priorities: First, continue to promote reform […]

Family Fun Day Fall Car sharing Lun will of the Emeishan

The Mid-Autumn, great occasion of nation is pleased to meet this year, 8 day, super -’s growing up a leave is the good hazard that the entire family goes on a tour.The great occasion of nation gold cycle comes a moment, the E eyebrow mountain bathes in the hot spring, the drama work properly a […]

I’m trying to start 2010 Tangshan Tourism Awareness Week

Tour office in Tangshan City will on April 9, 2010 the 16th is in the southern lake e. piazza solemnization in the thumb latch enjoy a trip to Tangshan, happiness recreation 2010 Tangshan the tour publicizee the cycle and Tangshan travel service mass to lifting a year to start solemnization and large and outdoor promo.Tour […]

Day trip of Huangshi Municipal Bureau of thousands of a tourist intense preparation

To ensure China . Yellowstone First International Cultural Tourism Festival of Mining and Metallurgy million day trips safe, orderly and smooth finish , Huangshi City Tourism Bureau established a Secretary Liu Yan , director of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of Tourism million city tour activities Office , under the activities , integration, training , foreign […]